Khwisero Water Development Project  
  Development driven locally  
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Mr. Weboko Inyundo, Snr. (Kenya) - Founder and Trustee

  • Retired Director of Kenya Industrial Research & Development Institute

Mrs. Jill Inyundo (Kenya) – Founder and Trustee 

  • Author, Lecturer, Psychotherapist, and holder of Masters in Anthropology

Mr. Stanley Katiechi (Kenya) – Chairperson

  • Church elder and leader of a variety of local development initiatives

Mr. Alfred Anyembe (Kenya) – Trustee

  • Agricultural Consultant trained at Bukura Institute of Agriculture, Butere

Mr. Francis Ocholli (Kenya) - Trustee

  • Pastor, Khwisero

Mr. Simeon Khakata (Kenya) – Trustee

  • Auditor, Deloitte, Nairobi

Mr. Stephen Inyangala (Uganda) – Trustee

  • Owner, Dimensions Architects, Kampala

Mr. Boko Inyundo (UK) – Treasurer and Trustee

  • Director, Africa Centre & Global Sector Manager, Linklaters, London. Previously Marketing Manager, Deloitte (UK), Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, London, & Ogilvy & Mather, Nairobi

Dr. Sarah Taha (UK) – Trustee

  • Doctor and Member of The Royal College of Psychiatry, London 

Mr. Richard Kwame Inyundo (UK) - Trustee

  • Barrister, London

Mrs. Lucette Inyundo (UK) - Trustee

  • Promotions Manager with leading worldwide film distributor, London 

Mrs. Charlotte Aldridge (UK) - Trustee

  • Owner and Editorial Consultant, Aldridge Press, London. Previously Publishing Manager with leading Kenyan publisher

Mr. John Aldridge (UK) - Trustee

  • Owner and Publisher, Aldridge Press, London. Previously with Kenyan publisher and lecturer at Moi University, Eldoret

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