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Other Activities


KWDP and the local authority have founded the "Butere-Mumias Youth Sports

Association for Positive Growth". This is a community- based body representing

impartial interest groups in the District concerned with development in sport and

the strengthening of initiative, first and foremost in the youth. Recently KWDP

has partnered with the English Football Association to establish a regular

football tournament in Khwisero Division. Through Sporting Chance International

KWDP has also distributed football kit in Kenya.

USA links

KWDP and the 'Engineers Without Borders' (EWB) at Montana State University,

part of a chapter based organisation in the USA, are developing an alliance

designed to deliver impactful change in Khwisero. For more on EWB's involvement

in Khwisero go to

Bridging the digital divide

KWDP are in the process of raising funds to fascilitate the donation of refurbished PC's to rural Western Kenya. This effort to help bridge the digital divide is made possible through partnership with Computer Aid International, the world's largest non-profit supplier of computers to developing countries, and Computer Access Network, a local kenyan community based organisation.


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