Khwisero Water Development Project  
  Development driven locally  
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Our Mission 
To galvanise involvement by local people and institutions in development issues that impact on their day-to-day lives. KWDP's areas of focus:
i) water sanitation;
ii) local income generation and;
iii) raising awareness of local socio-economic development needs.
Our History
In 1996 Mr. Weboko & Mrs. Jill Inyundo retired to their ancestral home in Khwisero Division of Butere-Mumias District, Western Kenya, after a lifetime spent in city employment in Nairobi. They soon found that young children in the area were dying from dysentery after drinking the waters from local springs. It seemed impossible to them that, as we entered the new Millennium, this well watered Division should be so under-developed as to allow perfectly healthy children to die from drinking contaminated water.


Since 1996 KWDP has protected local water springs, dug wells and erected water tanks for local people and institutions. KWDP has protected over 30 springs and built various wells/water tanks, including a water tank and solar power electricity generating system for a local hospital.  

The organization also promotes local income generating activities (e.g bee-keeping/fish farming) and self-help groups supported by ‘water-user committees’ at each spring.
KWDP also organize seminars with development and educational themes to help empower local people, institutions and local administrative bodies with knowledge.
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