Khwisero Water Development Project  
  Development driven locally  
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Promoting a spirit of self-help.

Khwisero Water Development Project (KWDP) is a community-based organisation cooperating impartially with all interest groups: government; NGO; and private sectors, concerned with water development, health and income generation in Khwisero Division and throughout Butere - Mumias District in western Kenya. 


KWDP activity focuses on protecting local water springs, digging wells and erecting water tanks for local people and institutions. KWDP has protected over 30 springs and built various wells/water tanks, including a water tank and solar power electricity generating system for a local hospital. KWDP also organise seminars with development and educational themes to help empower local people, institutions and local administrative bodies with knowledge. The organisation also promotes income generating activities and self-help groups.

HomeAboutTrusteesContact UsOur Partners